Eucharistic Miracle in Cascia

The other awesome thing in Cascia was this Eucharistic miracle.: a priest hastily stuck a communion host in between the pages of his breviary to take it to a sick person, but when he opened his breviary, the host had become a piece of flesh dripping blood. So it is now in this magnifying-glass-looking holder, and it still has the paper from the page of his breviary stuck to it from the blood. I was glad to learn that this is not held in as high esteem as the Eucharist, because it is not the living body and blood of Jesus. When we receive the Eucharist, we eat and drink the living body and blood of the resurrected Jesus.  This is still totally awesome! If I had any doubts about the Eucharist before, I feel much more faithful.

-Ryan O’Neill

Cascia Eucharistic miracle


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