Fr. Eric’s 2009 Rome Experience journal — Day 4

Thursday, Day 4:  Florence/Norcia.

The first full day of the retreat went smoothly enough.  The conferences were all in the chapel of San Antonio except for the morning conference, which would have conflicted with the nuns’ morning prayers.  Perhaps next year we could talk the monks into the opening up the church for us at 7:15 so we could have our morning prayer and meditation in the crypt following Mass.  The schedule is as follows:  7:00 Lauds in the conference room, followed by meditation.  We then walk to the monastery for Mass in the crypt at 8:00.  We all then walk back and have a simply continental buffet breakfast at each one’s leisure.  10 AM begins confessions in the convent chapel.  11:30 is another meditation followed by the Regina Caeli.  1 PM is lunch, followed by a Rosary in the enclosed garden.  Free time then goes from 2:30 until 6:30 PM, when there is Eucharistic adoration with Benediction at 7:30 in the convent chapel.  The Holy Hour includes evening prayer and meditation.  Dinner is at 7:45 .  (The sisters prefer dinner at 8, but 7:45 is ok.) At 9, there is a talk in the conference room, followed by night prayer.  The sisters say they are building a chapel, so that might make things easier in the future.


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