Fr. Eric’s 2009 Rome Experience journal — Day 5

Friday, Day 5:  Norcia.     

More of the same.  We could use a set of books of Stations of the Cross so they could do the stations during the day.  The weather has been excellent.  Cool at night, the sun not too hot during the day, some clouds.  The monks were late in opening up the church for Mass in the morning, but the sisters did not mind us coming back late for breakfast.  Lunch and dinner take a full hour by the time the sisters get all three courses out, including fruit.  We are reading Evelyn Waugh’s Edmund Campion. *   One young man is still feeling run down; the student with the blister finds it opens up every morning on his walk to the monastery for Mass.  Again — comfortable shoes for next year’s class.  


Martyred priest/saint Edmund Campion



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