Fr. Eric’s 2009 Rome Experience journal — Day 9

Tuesday, Day 9:  Norcia/Assisi/Norcia    

The trip to Assisi went great.  We left at 9 after morning prayer, a 30-minute meditation and breakfast, but we could easily have left earlier, say 8:30, and had Mass closer to 11.  It was raining when we left Norcia, but it was soon sunny.  We had Mass at Santa Caterina at the Basilica di San Francesco, but perhaps it would have been better to have Mass in a smaller, more out-of-the-way church, if at all possible.  Again, tour books ahead of time would have been very good.  We did not really use the maps of Florence because we had a guide the whole time, but information on Assisi would have been helpful.  We left Assisi at 6 PM sharp and walked back through the convent door at 7:25.  After dinner, Fr. Cassian* came to visit us, and a number of guys went out for gelato.     


Fr. Cassian Folsom


Approaching Assisi


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