Fr. Eric’s 2009 Rome Experience journal — Day 11

Thursday, day 11:  Rome  

Everyone woke up fine, and we had morning prayer at 6:30, followed by 30 minutes of prayer and Mass.  After breakfast, everyone went to San Clemente , and Fr. Jim and I stayed back to work out the details of Santa Croce.  Salvatore got our internet going and set up the printer after much difficulty.  Everyone returned from San Clemente early, and those with laptops were able to get online with the wireless connection set up for our use in classroom 301.  After lunch, we left for the Scavi* tour, which was very impressive.  After the Scavi, people set out to the four winds.  Fr. Jim gave a meditation at 6:30, followed by dinner and Rosary.   


Ufficio Scavi


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