Fr. Eric’s 2009 Rome Experience journal — Day 26

Friday, Day 26:  Rome

We took the 118 to the Catacombs of San Sebastian and got there a little before 10:00.  After the tour, we had Mass in the catacombs, a very moving experience.  The altar was well-prepared, but they had a clay chalice and paten for our use.  In the future, we might want to bring our own, of a little nobler quality.  We took the 218 back; as it turns out, it is a lot closer to San Sebastian.  That evening, everyone left for the vesper service opening the Year of the Priest.  Those wearing cassocks received better seating than those dressed in a clerical suit.  We returned to Fraterna Domus for dinner at 8, as the sisters agreed to serve dinner a little later than usual.

Year of the Priest begins with a service at St. Peter's Basilica

Rome Experience seminarians Ryan O'Neill and Samuel Morehead at St. Peter's


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