Fr. Eric’s 2009 Rome Experience journal — Day 28

Sunday, Day 28:  Rome

We had Morning Prayer at 7:45, then breakfast.  The boys dawdled over breakfast — and I wasn’t very strict in getting them going — so we did not leave until 8:30 for Montecassino.  We arrived there at 10:30, just in time for Mass, but not in enough time to concelebrate.  We left Montecassino at 12:40, arriving in Nettuno at 3:10, after spending 45 minutes in a rest stop on the way in order to buy lunch.  We left Nettuno at 4:10, and after spending 10 minutes in Anzio, arrived in Rome at 6:15.  The traffic into Rome was very bad because of people returning from the beach.  It would have been good to get a tour of Montecassino, and if we had not stopped for lunch, we could have arrived in Nettuno earlier and had something to eat there.  The church of St. Maria Goretti seemed rather unused.  Next time, we should plan on having Mass at Nettuno and perhaps arrive there first before heading to Montecassino.  The area of the Nettuno church in which St. Maria Goretti’s body is kept was so poorly decorated that I donated 20 Euro.

St. Maria Goretti's tomb, Nettuno, Italy


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