First day of classes

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June 2, 2010

After the trip to Assisi, we had our first day of classes and a more regularized schedule today. The first classes of the morning were on Church history with Fr. Heisler and were his typical classes —   a lot of information!

In the afternoon, we had a class with Fr. Cassian, OSB, the prior of the monastery here in Norcia.  He spoke on Liturgy and primarily focused on the Holy Father’s views on liturgy, which were quite enlightening.  Fr. Cassian explained there was much reform to be done, but Pope Benedict isn’t seeking to change things overnight;  rather, he has a deep desire to allow the Church to reform herself,  and, over the next generation, allow the people to grow into a deeper reverence and a newness within the organic growth of the Liturgy.  Tomorrow , he’ll speak on how exactly that is to look over the next few decades and what would be logical within the proper growth of the Church – this I am eagerly looking forward to!

Kevin Hurley and Thomas Haan in Assisi


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