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 More from seminarian Jeffrey Gardner, this from JUNE 8th 2010:

Yesterday and today we had class with Bishop Morlino.  He has been discussing the hermeneutic of continuity that the Holy Father has been discussing.  The point of this hermeneutic is that the Church has a continuous teaching and belief that goes from the Old Testament, through all of the New Testament and to every council — including Vatican II – through today.  The Church is alive and growing with consistent outpourings of the Holy Spirit who guides us in our growth.  We are not alone — we have the Lord as our Shepherd.

 Yesterday I walked around a section of Rome to get a taste of what she has to offer.  There is so much that you must be careful or you’ll miss something.  I was in Santa Maria sopra  Minerva to see the tomb of St Catherine of Siena and inadvertently walked by a piece by Michaelangelo  — have to go back and get another look .  Also, I saw four Caravaggios yesterday; they were in two churches within a half a mile of each other.  I have been a fan of Caravaggio for several years now, and I had only seen one of his paintings in real life.  Suddenly in just one day – actually, just two hours — I see four more! The most amazing  picture I saw was the “Calling of St Mathew”.  It pulls you into the drama, the humanity, of the painting. 

Finally, the food.  Yesterday we had rolls, coffee, jam, honey (not the Norcian honey, though) for breakfast.  Lunch was shell pasta; salad with mozzarella, ham and hard-boiled egg; bread and fruit.  Dinner consisted of a bean soup or pasta with cream sauce, pork loin and sausage with cooked spinach and cooked carrots.  The cooked carrots were of special note; they were cooked with both olive oil and butter.  Fresh and very good!  Be assured, I am no connoisseur of fine foods, but those carrots were awesome!  We had fruit for dessert.    

Also, some of the guys went to St Peter’s to see it at night, while some of us walked the Tiber and prayed the Rosary.  Then, this morning we had Mass in the crypt below St. Peter’s and saw the tombs of both St.  Peter and John Paul II.

The Calling of St. Matthew by Caravaggio

From June 10th:

Amy, Yesterday was fruitful in so many ways.  We started with Christology class by Fr Kelly. It was very informative.  In the afternoon Kevin Drew and I headed over to the museum called the Scuderie del Quirinale* that holds different art exhibits throughout the year; this particular exhibit was of Caravaggio paintings.  It contains 17 works from around the world that are considered to be unquestionably authentic.  We had to wait in line for three hours but it was worth it!  FYI, Caravaggio is considered to be the premier painter of the Baroque period (circa 1600 AD).
Later today we will go to the prayer vigil for the international Year of the Priest; should get to see the Pope!



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