The tomb of John Paul II

Picture and posting by JASON KEAS, sent June 9 2010:

Today, we started the morning going to mass at St. Peter’s. Once we got to the sacristy, we waited outside for our priest to come out, so we could be directed to where we were to have mass.  I think we waited forty-five minutes. It was a busy day, lots of priests are in town, and all of them seem to be trying to have a mass at St. Peter’s.  While waiting, we saw a line of about twenty to thirty bishops going to celebrate a mass in the crypt.  Our priests finally came out, and we got our turn to go to mass in the crypt.  After mass, we went to the left and got to spend some private time at Pope John Paul II’s tomb, with only about thirty or forty other people around.   St. Peter’s and the crypt were very different from what I had imagined.  I look forward to the other masses we will be able to attend at St. Peter’s.

The tomb of Pope John Paul II in the crypt at St. Peter's Basilica, Rome


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