New digs and old friends

Brendan Johnson’s journal:

June 12, 2010, part 1
 Today was a good day, but incredibly tiring! We had class in the morning with Msgr. Kelly – a good class, but I was a bit tired after the busy day we had had Friday.   After class,  we moved all of our stuff from Fraterna Domus to the Falconieri Institute* (where we’ll stay the longest). The new place that we’re staying is very nice and the room that I share with Jason is HUGE!

I was under the impression that after we left Norcia everything would start going downhill in  quality, but we’ve been incredibly well taken care of in all of the places that we’ve been. After moving our stuff over, I went out to lunch with Fr. Baker, John Hammond, Kevin Hurley and some of the men from my diocese studying at the NAC.  It was really good to see them and wonderful to hear how they are doing and how well they have been adjusting to living in Italy.

(Near Piazza Navona)
Suore Mantellate Serve di Maria
Via S. Giuseppe Calasanzio, 1
00186 Roma
Tel: (011 39) 0668803344
Fax: (011 39) 066871471


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