Vatican Radio tour and the importance of media evangelization

From seminarian Jeffrey Gardner:

On June 18th we toured St Peter’s, and then Vatican Radio.  St Peter’s was grace-filled, but I was moved by what I experienced at Vatican Radio.
    On the Vatican Radio tour, we saw a film on their history and got to meet a woman who works there — Charlotta Smeds.  She is from Sweden, came to Rome to study when she was 20, and then converted to Catholicism.  She is now the voice of Vatican Radio to Sweden. 

What really stuck me about Vatican Radio is that they may be the only form of evangelization many parts of the world receive.  For example, in some parts of the world,where the Church is not strongly present, many never get to attend Mass.  In fact, they may only ever participate in the Mass through what they hear on Vatican Radio.   This left me awestruck.  The things that I get to do every day in the US and in Rome — take part in the Mass and the Sacraments —  are unavailable to some of my Christian brothers and sisters, except in the form of a radio broadcast.  I can’t imagine how deep their faith must be;  they are sustained by the Church’s graces transmitted via radio waves!

    Charlotta told us about many of the letters Vatican Radio received after the fall of Communism in Europe.  Many of the letters spoke of how Christians behind the Iron Curtain gathered in secret around the radio to hear the pope speak on Vatican Radio broadcasts.  Vatican Radio was their lifeline, their connection to the graces of the Church.  We will never know how important Vatican Radio must have been in helping to bring down the Iron Curtain — I am sure it played no small part!
        We must never forget that we are called to evangelize the world to enable all God’s people to hear the beautiful news of the Gospel, and to touch God in the Sacraments of his Church.  Vatican Radio is a big part of this evangelization.

Vatican Radio -- lifeline to the world

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