Silent retreat 2010, continued

More from Trent Schmidt’s journal: 

Streets of Norcia filled during Corpus Christi celebration


“Today was the fifth day of our silent retreat.  Our first meditation’s focus this morning was on how our desire to be holy is already in itself a gift to the Holy Spirit.  To grow in the priesthood we must foster a love for Jesus Christ.  This can only be done practically by making firm resolutions, writing them down, and sticking to them.  We must have the Holy Spirit as our guide and help.  There are three specific ways to open oneself up to the Holy Spirit.  The first is to be docile and receptive.  The second is leading a life of prayer.  The third and final way is to acclaim both our need and love of the Cross.  

Our second talk focused on the two most important virtues we need as priests: humility and purity.  The foundation of our joy is not found in sensual pleasures.  We will only truly be spiritual Father’s if we are pure.  We must reject where the world says we can find happiness (fulfilling sensual pleasures in the here and now) and live according to our eternal destination.  

Our third meditation was on the contemplation of heaven which can only be done through meditation on our Lord’s passion and death.  It is the most beneficial and fruitful meditation we can do, particularly with the Stations of the Cross.  This reveals the heart of Christ, which is the heart we strive to make our own.  

Personal reflection:  During silent retreats I often get a more reflective and expansive glimpse into God’s creative hand in our world.  Today in Norcia, I hiked up a small mountain, and got a picturesque view of this ancient community set in a valley surrounded by rolling fields of various crops, which are beautifully encompassed by tree-laden mountains.  It really felt as if I had gone back in time, and is a sight I believe I will remember for the rest of my life.”


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