Class of 2012: Luke Syse

Luke Syse
Diocese of Madison
Sacred Heart Major Seminary

Luke grew up on a Wisconsin farm and it was there that he first experienced God’s love.  “I say this because of the natural grace that seemed to be infused into my family. (…) Both my mother and father had huge impacts on my vocation.”  His father’s strong work ethic and his mother’s faith laid the foundation for his later coming to know and accept God’s call to the priesthood.

Luke entered the seminary after university and has appreciated it as “a great time of growth and adjustment all sustained by the grace of God.”

For Luke, Rome “is an icon of beauty for the entire world to see, and in that way brings us closer to God.”  He hopes The Rome Experience will help him “grow in an understanding of how the Church functions in the world and by doing so become a better witness to the people God has put in my life.”


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