Class of 2012: Michael Seeger

M. Michael Seeger
Diocese of Kansas City-St. Joseph
Conception Seminary College

“If you rewind my life twelve or even seven years ago I would have smiled and quickly denied a letter to discern the priesthood…Yet, when God calls, sometimes you listen.”

After college, Michael got a teaching job at his parish school.  Within three years, he was “neck deep in educational and spiritual ministry”.  It was during that time that he had a life-altering dream from which he woke ‘…knowing that I could ruin my life if I didn’t say “yes” to contact the Vocation Director.’

His journey to the priesthood had begun and he was encouraged along the way by his parents, sisters, priests, and fellow seminarians.

“I believe,” he explains, “that God has planted and watered the seed of my vocation in so many ways—seen and unseen—through His mercy, grace, and creation.  I think the Rome Experience will help me understand and accept this seed of divine service more sincerely and prepare me for what lies ahead.”


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