Class of 2012: Kevin Anstey

Kevin Anstey
Diocese of Davenport
Mundelein Seminary

Kevin was an altar server in high school who thought that considering the priesthood is “something that every Catholic [man] goes through.”  When his family suggested the possibility to him, he wrote if off.  It wasn’t until he began missing serving at Mass, seeing the dedicated work of people at his parish, and the example of several priests that he realized how important that work is and that he could also do God’s work through the priesthood.

Now, during his free time at the seminary, Kevin cuts wood which is sold for firewood and all the proceeds go to a local women’s shelter and counseling center.  He also helps collect donations for Humility of Mary Housing, which provides temporary housing and education for single mothers.

Kevin attended World Youth Day in 2000 in Rome.  He is looking forward to going back to Rome with the Rome Experience to have a more intimate and prayerful experience while soaking in “the roots of our Church”.


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