Class of 2012: Yoelvis Gonzalez

Yoelvis Gonzalez
Diocese of Memphis
Kenrick-Glennon Seminary

Since the eighth grade, the opportunity to serve at the altar and to participate in the activities of his church gradually confirmed for Yoelvis that God was calling him to the priesthood. In retrospect, he explains, “I began serving at the altar the Sunday after my First Communion and served every Sunday until I left for the seminary.”

Yoelvis’ family has come to encourage his vocation over time after seeing the joy it has brought him and their family.  He has also been profoundly influenced by the example of the priest with whom he completed his pastoral year (required by the seminary).  In him, Yoelvis observed how, “He is faithful to his daily prayers, celebrates the Sacred Liturgy with reverence and love, strives to make the parish the spiritual home of his parishioners, and gives himself daily in service to his flock.”

As Yoelvis continues his preparation for the priesthood, his goal, he explains, is “to grow in my knowledge of and practice of a priestly identity.”  And, he believes that the program and courses of the Rome Experience are “very attractive and promising to accomplishing this goal….”


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