Class of 2012: Daniel Shine

Daniel Shine
Diocese of Lafayette, Indiana
Mount St. Mary’s Seminary

“It was clear growing up that my life was meant to be lived for others, because that was how my parents lived theirs… they taught my brothers and me that it was our duty to help the communities in which we live.”  Daniel’s commitment to service was also tied to a strong faith that he realizes “was always different than that of many of my classmates”.  He admits that it didn’t mean that he always knew he would become a priest, he just knew it was an option.

When Daniel found himself exploring the option more seriously, he met with a vocation director who showed him that, “I did not have to give up being human in order to become a priest, that it was my humanity that the Lord would work through to care for and save His people.”  This realization ultimately led him to enter the seminary.

At the seminary, Daniel is the head of the Life and Justice Committee.  He organizes pastoral and educational activities for his classmates that allow them to put into action their beliefs in the dignity of every human life, including praying at nearby abortion clinics, raising money for crisis pregnancy centers, and participating in the National March for Life.

Daniel is looking forward to the Rome Experience program and to being in Rome.  As he explains, “To live in a place for a time enables one to be able to speak of it in a profoundly different way than if he had never been there.  I believe that my future parishioners and every one that I meet in my life may benefit from my having experienced Rome.”


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