Class of 2012: Erik Reyes

Erik Reyes Vigil
Archdiocese of Denver
St. John Vianney Theological Seminary

Erik recalls being the youngest altar boy at his parish in Mexico and thinking that “there was nothing more exciting than to be accompanying the priests wherever they had to celebrate Mass, as well as to accompany them to the distant chapels…” He also recalls that “the thing that most caught my attention was to see that the priest was someone who seemed to have plenty of time for people, they were never alone and always seemed to be happy.”  And he knew that he wanted “to be happy like them”.

Now in the seminary, Erik is involved in youth ministry at a local parish and he is challenged by the strong responsibility he feels towards them and by the insights he is gaining “into a future reality that I will face as a priest”.

Erik is looking forward to the Rome Experience.  He explains, “I know this opportunity will fill me with many blessings, both spiritual and academic. (…)  I always wanted to visit the places were many great saints walked, to see their environment and to appreciate the Church’s great monuments.”


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