Class of 2012: Joshua Barlett

Joshua Barlett
Diocese of Kansas City-St. Joseph
Pontifical College Josephinum

The Catholic faith was always an important part of Joshua’s life.  His parents homeschooled Joshua and his siblings; they had meals together regularly; they made time for movie nights as a family; they attended Sunday Mass together; and, they helped at their parish as needed.

As he got older, Joshua began to develop his personal prayer life and through it began to consider the priesthood.  “I had thought about it for years,” he explained, “but it was through attending daily mass that I started to hear my call come ever clearer.  I was falling in love with the Eucharist, and at the same time the priesthood.”

Joshua credits family, good friends, and a strong church community for encouraging his vocation and helping him persevere in his studies at the seminary.

Regarding the Rome Experience, Joshua believes that “it will be a blessing to visit the spiritual center of the Catholic Church… [And,] I hope to gain a better knowledge of myself through the time dedicated to prayer and self-reflection, as well as a better knowledge of our faith through our time offered in studies.”


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