Announcing – New Blog and Website!

October 21, 2014

new re blog 2014
We are pleased to announce the launch of the new The Rome Experience website and blog!  (This blog will no longer be updated.)  Please visit us at:  Grazie!


Meanwhile, back in Woodridge

June 6, 2010
Here at Midwest Theological Forum, we get to see and read quite a bit about the seminarians in the Rome Experience each year.  In case you wondered where all this blogging and packing of messenger bags occurs,  take another peek into our office!  Charmaine Roth, assistant to Fr. James Socias, is  happy to hear from Rome Experience participants by email, and reminds all of you to keep up with your journals and photos.

Where the blogging gets done!

Charmaine Roth at her desk at MTF

Last-minute conference

June 1, 2010

Rome Experience 2010 faculty members met at Midwest Theological Forum with Fr. James Socias to go over plans for this year’s course.  Over Jimmy John’s sandwiches and chips, the meeting covered numerous topics, including how to get information from Paris, Norcia, Assisi and Rome to the blog on a timely basis.  Also at this meeting, the Rome Experience logo messenger bags, containing the summer’s textbooks, were loaded up, ready to go to the airport.

Fr. John Heisler and Fr. James Socias during a pre-Rome Experience meeting in Woodridge, IL

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