“Postcards” from the Class of 2014

June 19, 2014

amalfi2014romexperienceWeek 4 Highlights

June 9, 2014:

Back to the Ordinary!

It was quite appropriate that on Monday, June 9, as the universal Church returned to Ordinary Time, we here at The Rome Experience began our regular schedule of prayer and classes. After our retreat in Ars, arriving in Rome and getting settled in, and a long week running around Rome visiting the beautiful holy sites, it was good to ease into a smooth rhythm. Being a person who likes falling into habits (hopefully good ones!), it has been good to be able to establish my own little habits, within the plan of life that the program provides for us. This development of good habits (i.e. virtues) is part of what we have been taught during these past weeks. A good “Plan of Life” will help us live balanced lives.

A Sheep with a Shepherd

Part of the steady rhythm and balance, which I spoke of above, includes spiritual direction. At seminary, each seminarian is assigned a spiritual director. A struggle for me during the summers has always been “going at it alone” for almost three months without spiritual direction. I am grateful that, while only for three short meetings, The Rome Experience provides spiritual directors for us during our time in Rome. Last Monday was my first “official” meeting with my spiritual director. It was a blessing to get to share with him the ways in which the Holy Spirit has been moving in my heart during these past few weeks; my joys, my struggles, my dryness, my encounters with The Lord, etc.

June 14-15, 2014:

Weekend Pilgrimage Adventure

Along with all the awesome things which are provided for us by The Rome Experience (classes in Rome, visits to holy sites, meetings with cardinals and priests serving in Rome, etc.), we are also given some free time to do things on our own. This past week-end, three of the men and I travelled three hours south of Rome to visit a few places.

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Class of 2012: J. Scott Adams

May 1, 2012

J. Scott Adams
Diocese of Palm Beach
St. Vincent DePaul Regional Seminary

Scott converted to Catholicism 13 years ago although God had a special plan for him from the very beginning when he was adopted by a loving couple who surrounded him with a strong sense of family and faith.

After his conversion, Scott began seeing the “power of prayer and the incredible love of our Triune God” in the lives of the people around him, especially in his sister and her husband, and in his own life.  He began to attend Mass frequently, he volunteered as a lector and altar server, and he developed good friendships with priests.  Soon it was only a matter of time before people around him approached him confirming what was already beginning to stir in his heart, “You’d make a good priest.”

The “signs and signals” that he began to discern ultimately led him to the seminary where he has come to trust more each day and to know that “I need only to follow and He will lead the way.”

Regarding the Rome Experience, Scott explains that, “Over the past decade I have learned much about what it is to be Catholic and to be a follower of Christ, but I see tremendous value in what your program will be able to offer me…  I can think of no better place to pray, reflect, worship and continue to discern God’s call for me than beside the Chair of Peter, under the guidance and direction of your program.”

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