Finals time rolls around

July 1, 2010

Kevin Hurley provided this photo of Rome Experience students taking a final exam.  The class was Father Pablo Gadenz’s course on The Biblical Theology of Pope Benedict XVI; the test was on June 25 at the Pontifical University of the Holy Cross.

Concentrating during a final exam


Fr. Eric’s 2009 Rome Experience journal — Day 25

May 19, 2010

Thursday, Day 25:  Rome

Moved back to room 301 now that the air-conditioning is fixed.  Had a nice tour of Baroque churches this morning, though it lacked some interest in light of the main Roman churches.  Class finished as usual.  Fr. Pablo* brought a sacramentary, which was very well received. 

*Fr. Pablo Gadenz, S.S.L., S.T.D.

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