Rome rating: two thumbs up!

July 18, 2010

Exhilarating and exciting, as well as educational:  The Rome Experience clearly pleases the class of 2010!

Front row, left to right:  Trent Schmidt, Adam Kerrigan, Gregg Pedersen and Nicolaus Thai stroll the cobbled streets in style.

Having an excellent time!


Pallium Mass impresses

July 8, 2010

Photo and story submitted by Jason Keas on the Solemnity of Sts. Peter and Paul Apostles, June 29, 2010    

“This is a picture of us this morning at the Pallium mass.   This morning, we woke up and, while sacrificing breakfast, stood in line for the Pallium mass.  We got in line around 7 AM.  The gates opened at 8 AM for a 9:30 mass.   We got good seats, though we were all spread around.   I was about seven rows back in the open seating section.   Other seminarians got to sit much closer, and some have some good stories about getting in closer. It was great to experience a mass inside St. Peter’s, and to see 38 bishops receive the pallium.”    

Ready to line up early for the Pallium Mass, June 29, 2010


Pictured above, left to right:  seminarians Kevin Drew, Erik Bakk, John Hammond, Brendan Johnson, Jason Keas, and Rome Experience faculty member Fr. Eric Nielsen.   

To give an idea of just how packed it was and why it was necessary to line up two-and-a-half hours in advance, here is video from the mass:

One down…

July 2, 2010

From Kevin Hurley:  Jason Keas hands in his final exam paper to the professor, Fr. Pablo Gadenz, in the  classroom at PUSC on June 25, 2010.

Handing it over: Jason Keas turns in his exam paper to Fr. Gadenz

Where St. Maximilian Kolbe studied in Rome

June 27, 2010

From seminarian Jason Keas:

Eric, Gabi, Thomas and I went to where St. Kolbe lived as a seminarian in Rome.  Here we are, sitting at the table where he had his first Militia Immaculata meeting. This was very special for me because we have the same group at our seminary in Denver. It was good to pray for our group in Denver and all the MI groups in the world.

Eric, Gabi, Jason and Thomas

New digs and old friends

June 25, 2010

Brendan Johnson’s journal:

June 12, 2010, part 1
 Today was a good day, but incredibly tiring! We had class in the morning with Msgr. Kelly – a good class, but I was a bit tired after the busy day we had had Friday.   After class,  we moved all of our stuff from Fraterna Domus to the Falconieri Institute* (where we’ll stay the longest). The new place that we’re staying is very nice and the room that I share with Jason is HUGE!

I was under the impression that after we left Norcia everything would start going downhill in  quality, but we’ve been incredibly well taken care of in all of the places that we’ve been. After moving our stuff over, I went out to lunch with Fr. Baker, John Hammond, Kevin Hurley and some of the men from my diocese studying at the NAC.  It was really good to see them and wonderful to hear how they are doing and how well they have been adjusting to living in Italy.

(Near Piazza Navona)
Suore Mantellate Serve di Maria
Via S. Giuseppe Calasanzio, 1
00186 Roma
Tel: (011 39) 0668803344
Fax: (011 39) 066871471

The tomb of John Paul II

June 15, 2010

Picture and posting by JASON KEAS, sent June 9 2010:

Today, we started the morning going to mass at St. Peter’s. Once we got to the sacristy, we waited outside for our priest to come out, so we could be directed to where we were to have mass.  I think we waited forty-five minutes. It was a busy day, lots of priests are in town, and all of them seem to be trying to have a mass at St. Peter’s.  While waiting, we saw a line of about twenty to thirty bishops going to celebrate a mass in the crypt.  Our priests finally came out, and we got our turn to go to mass in the crypt.  After mass, we went to the left and got to spend some private time at Pope John Paul II’s tomb, with only about thirty or forty other people around.   St. Peter’s and the crypt were very different from what I had imagined.  I look forward to the other masses we will be able to attend at St. Peter’s.

The tomb of Pope John Paul II in the crypt at St. Peter's Basilica, Rome

St. Maximilian Kolbe’s first Mass was said here

June 14, 2010

From seminarian Jason Keas:

This was a great surprise! I went on an adventure to tour different churches, and I stumbled upon the church where St. Kolbe had his first mass*– the same spot where Mary appeared to a man to whom God gave instant knowledge of the faith and who insisted on being baptized as soon as possible. This was a great find.  I have a big devotion to St. Kolbe and I am part of his MI group ( Militia Immaculata).  It’s great to walk and pray where saints have lived and prayed!

*Basilica of S.  Andrea Delle Fratte

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